Interesting Figures


  • In order to pass Line I (Akhmeteli-Varketili) trains need 60 minutes (30 minute in one direction);
  • on Saburtalo Line -30 minutes (15 minutes in one direction);
  • 25 000 tons of water are pumped out daily from Tbilisi metro tunnels;
  • The length of line I is 40 km, the length of Saburtalo Line is 17 km.
  • Trains being into operation pass 400 km daily on average on the first line and 311 km -on Saburtalo Line; 
  • Total length of all escalators in Tbilisi metro stations amounts to 10 km;
  • total length of Tbilisi metro tunnels (including subsidiary tunnels and deadlocks) is 53,7 km; 
  • The deepest station is Rustaveli, which is located at 60-meter depth;
  • Metro consumes 65 million kW.h electricity on average each year;
  • The lengthiest bust route is #106-Orbeliani Square/Kiketi-60,8km (length of total circulation); 
  • The shortest route is #79-Mukhiani Settlement/Metro Station "Akhmeteli Theatre"-4,6km;
  • The most long-term route according to total circulation is #51-2:45 hours;
  • The most short-term route is #79-32 minutes, approximately 1832 bus stops are in Tbilisi;
  • All buses in whole pass daily 109 544 km on average;
  • Total length of ropeway amounts to 508 meter, 7 gondolas in whole move on the ropeway, among them 6 ones have 8 seats and one -five, movement rate of gondola accounts for 3,5-5 m/sec; 
  • Travelling through ropeway from Rike to Narikala lasts 2,5 minutes on average;
  • Difference in levels between lower (Rike) and upper (Narikala) stations of ropeway is 93 meter.