Statement of the Tbilisi Transport Company

23 January 2018

Tbilisi City Hall of Tbilisi City Municipality is announcing expression of Interest on advertising places of the infrastructure, movable and real property accounted on the balance of "Tbilisi Transport Company" LLC for the placement of advertisements fixed-term, payable rights transfer for the electronic Auction.
Expression of Interests means the invitation of interested companies and acceptance of their proposals.
Every interested legal person, resident or non-resident can take part in it, if they fulfill certain requirements.
The winner in the Expression of Interests will be revealed in auction by the Agency of Property management of Tbilisi City Municipality.
Acceptance of proposals will be possible from January 23, 2018 up to February 6.

Contact person:
Head of Advertisement Department of Tbilisi Transport Company LLC
Baqar Baqradze
Tel: 577 962050
Address: Tbilisi, Vagzali Square N2