Five additional bus routes will be enacted for national exams

Tbilisi City Hall and Tbilisi Transport Company will set up 5 special temporary routes from the July 1, till July 24, from 06:00 to 20:00. Buses will move on exam days and passengers will be served at a standard fare of 50 tetri. These routes are:

  • Metro station “Akhmeteli Theater” - N175 Public School.

Bus will start from Gobronidze street, turn onto Dumbadze Avenue and will take passengers to N175 Public School #3 in Mukhiani, the same route will be taken backwards.

  • Metro station “Akhmeteli Theater” – Public schools N39, N173 and N177.

The bus will turn right from Khizanishvili Street to Naneishvili Street, pass through N39 and N173 Public Schools, and cross Ketskhoveli Street to N177 Public School. The bus will return to the metro station "Akhmeteli" via Naneishvili and Bochorishvili Streets.

  • Metro station “Varketili” – Public School N117.

he bus will cross Javakheti Street, return to “Varketili Bridges”, turn right onto Shuamta Street and finish at the N117 Public School. On the way back, bus will return to the metro "Varketili” through the streets of Shuamta, Kalubani and Javakheti.

  • Upper exit of “Samgori” metro station- Public School N103.

​​​​​​​The bus will start from Kakheti highway near Metro "Samgori", Turn right on Kakabeti Street and take passengers to Kvareli Square Public School N103Afterwards, the bus will return to Kakheti highway via Kakabeti and Ramishvili Streets and complete the rout at the upper exit of the Samgori” metro station. 

  • Metro station “Didube” – Public School N147.

​​​​​​​The bus will depart from Tsereteli Avenue to Robakidze Avenue and take the Paichadze Street. The bus will go the same route on the way back.