Payment control

11 July 2019

Tbilisi Transport Company with the help of several hundred buses serves passengers each day, number of passengers exceeds 200.000. Unfortunately, there are frequent cases, when certain part of passengers avoids payment.  In order to prevent and minimize such cases, Passenger Monitoring Service has been established in our company, whose function is to disclose passengers without tickets and impose a penalty on them according to the law, under administrative rule. 150-200 inspectors are on patrol daily in various parts of Tbilisi to prevent existence of passengers without tickets.

Persons without ticket are penalized in accordance with subparagraph “a” of section 4 of article 130 of“Code of Administrative Offences of Georgia” and amount of penalty is 5 Lari that must be paid within 30 days.

In case of non-payment of penalty within defined period, fine is added to the amount of penalty, which is 50 Lari.  Passenger is entitled to appeal the decision within 10 days after issuing a penalty.