Traffic on Chavchavadze Avenue will be restricted to Taktakishvili street corner

Due to large-scale rehabilitation works on Chavchavadze Avenue, from 00:00 am the traffic congestion will continue from the corner of Aten street to Taktakishvili street.

The reconstruction works will be carried out from Varaziskhevi to Taktakishvili Street. Consequently, temporary transport schemes in the plains will be slightly modified: Traffic on Kavsadze Street will turn from Chavchavadze Avenue to Abashidze Street; Taktakishvili Street will be intersected and traffic will run from Abashidze Street to Chavchavadze Avenue; Traffic on Paliashvili Street will be allowed unilaterally from Kekelidze Street to Taktakishvili Street corner and from Mishveladze Street to the corner of Kavsadze Street; Abashidze Street will intersect from Berdzenishvili Street to Round Garden. Thus, traffic will reach Abashidze Street from Chavchavadze Avenue using the streets of Mishveladze, Berdzenishvili or Kavsadze. Due to these restrictions, the small buses N9 and N59 will move from Chavchavadze Avenue to Melikishvili Street via Kavsadze, Abashidze, Barnovi and Petriashvili streets. Bus N83 will move from Chavchavadze Avenue through the streets of Mishveladze, Abashidze, Barnovi and Petriashvili. Buses N61, N87 and N140 will end their route at the corner of Chavchavadze Avenue and Kavsadze Street corner. Transport from Varaziskhevi to Chavchavadze will be moving using Kekelidze, Paliashvili and Taktakishvili Streets. Buses N9, N59 and N83 will follow the same route.