Metromoney card

11 July 2019

Metromoney” card is a universal mean for payment in municipal transport (metro, bus) and while traveling by Rike-Narikala ropeway.

Owners of “Metromoney” cards are benefited automatically with discount system in municipal transport (metro, bus); they are also offered to pay fare in microbuses of Tbilisi via these cards.

Where is it possible to purchase “Metromoney”, fill balance and check left-over?

Purchase of “Metromoney” card is possible to any payment office of metro stations and Rike-Narikala wire rope. Cost of card is 2 Lari. Card is not personal; accordingly, no document to be submitted is required to take card. Deposit of amount on card is possible:  

in any metro station, both stations of Rike-Narikala wire rope; express payment machines of “Bank of Georgia” and service-centers;

Sight of left-over on card is possible in metro stations by crossing automatic control unit, on bus ticket and in payment offices of stations (both metro and wire rope).

Is there any possibility to return “Metromoney”?

Return of card is possible within one month. In case of submission of receipt of payment office issued during purchase of card, 2 Lari is repaid to its owner. 

What to do in case of damage and loss of ‘Metromoney”?

In case of card damage (except mechanical damage- bending, folding of card and also other damage that is caused by wrong usage of card), you are allowed to apply to problematic card center in metro stations “Avlabari” and “Medical University”, where card is changed with a new one free of charge. In case of damage of card by owner, cost of card-2 Lari is to be paid again by owner.

In case of loss of “Metromoney”, owner should state at problematic card center and submit receipt issued during purchase of card, number of lost card is automatically appeared in the list of blocked cards. In case of loss and damage of card, transfer of balance to a new card is possible only after purchase of initial card.